Austrocylindropuntia subulata, also known as Eve’s needle cactus is the most common cacti in Americans homes. It has a few needles with a yellowish color, which are inserted between the cylindrical and rudimentary leaves. It may reach even one meter and a half in high if you grow it indoors.

It’s a shruby plant, and in order to branch it must be cut periodically. The cuts are done in the spring when the first young leaves appear. The first cut is done horizontal, at a height of 8-10 cm. After this cutting, the plant should make two or even three ramifications.

If it has proper conditions, it may bloom indoors. Its flowers are red, placed at the top of the segments.

Plant care

This atypical cacti specie loves light, but not direct sunlight, because too high temperatures may soften the plant.

In winter the plant gets into the rest period, and you must keep it in slightly low temperature, around 46.4-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soil and watering
Plant Eve’s needle cactus in a sandy, well-drained soil. During the warm season, let the soil dry between watering. Like any cactus, excess water is fatal. In winter the watering should be done rarely, about once a month.

For vigorous plants, apply special cacti fertilizer during the vegetative growth period, once every two to three weeks.

It’s easily multiplied, through top cutters. After removing the cuttings, leave the cut base to dry and to form a scar.
For rooting use a substrate made of earth mixed with sand.

Image Credits: Worldofsucculents