A problem often faced by flower lovers – apparently no-reason Hibiscus bud drop. The causes can be multiple, and if the problems are fixed, there is a good chance to enjoy Hibiscus blooming again.

Plant care


-Hard to believe, but water is the main cause of bud drop. Both excess and lack of water stress the plant very much, and the first to be affected are the buds.

– In summer, the plant is water daily. If it will suffer from thirst, the flowers and buds will wilt and fall and the leaves will soften. Anyhow, if you act immediately, the Hibiscus will re-bloom.
In winter, however, during the rest period, the watering will be done less often and in small quantities.

– On the other hand, excess water suffocates the plant. The capillaries from the ground, instead of being filled with air will be filled with water. On long term excess watering leads to root rot. Hibiscus is one of the plants that can’t stand too much water. Drain the water that remained in the pot plate a few minutes after you have water it and after the plant has “pulled” enough water.

The reason why Hibiscus buds drop?

– The pests are also to blame for bud drop. The most dangerous pests for Hibiscus are red spiders. They colonize the back side of the leaves, and they sting the tissues nourishing with the cell juice. As the plant loses leaves massively, there is no question of being able to hold flowers, and for the buds to bloom again.
– Beware of the attack of Whiteflies and Aphids. The plant lice especially attack the buds, which will fall immediately. Leaves twist, gasp and fall too.

– Low temperatures are also a cause of bud drop. In the case of younger plants, 59 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature for disaster: buds will drop and the leaves will turn yellow and fall. The mature plants also withstand somewhat lower temperatures.

– Last but not least, a properly planted plant will not have enough resources to open its flowers, and the buds will drop. That’s why in the growing season, from the beginning of spring to mid-autumn, you should fertilize the plant.

Image Credits: Gardenloversclub