First of all, geraniums must be watered top-down by pouring the water directly into the pot.

!!! Never water geraniums down-top by pouring water in the pot plate. Stagnate water will favor the appearance of many diseases and may lead to root rot. That’s why is absolutely necessary to empty the pot plate after the water drained from the pot.

Never spray geraniums with water and avoid pouring water on their leaves because it will get stained. Also, try not to pour water on the flower petals because they will rot.

!!! Geranium is the plant that doesn’t love moisture.

– An important aspect is that water must be distributed evenly over the surface of the pot soil. Don’t pour it all at once, just try to water it by pouring the water 2-3 times, especially if the pot is larger. Wait a few minutes between watering to allow the water to drain a bit, otherwise, if you pour the water at once, the roots will not be fed because of fast drainage.
– It’s very important for the substrate to remain aerated. That’s why you need to loose the soil twice a month. Use the planting stick or any other sharp object. Be careful not to injure the roots.
– The quality of the water you use is very important. As you already know, rainwater is best, but as it’s not always available, we are often forced to use tap water. Two things you should consider in this case.

One: It’s absolutely necessary to leave, at least for 24 hours, the water dish uncovered to eliminate chlorine or any other disinfectants, before watering geraniums. Otherwise, a white crust will soon appear on the surface of the soil. The appearance of limescale on the soil may cause pH increase, and then you may have to change the soil.

Two: Never water the plant with cold water because you risk killing it, especially on hot days. Water should have the same temperature as the environment it lives in.
Neither filtered water is a good option for geraniums watering, because it doesn’t have enough minerals for feeding the plant.
The best option to water geraniums is to boil the water and use it after 1 day.

Image Credits: Homeessentials