To grow an orange tree (Citrus sinensis) in pots is not such a hard thing, but it’s important to know, first of all, to never let it suffer from thirst. So, you have to water it permanently. If you want to grow your own orange tree from seeds, remove it carefully from the fruit and wash it. Before putting them to germinate you can leave them for several hours in the water, for better hydration.

Plant care
The soil where you plant the orange tree must be light and well-drained, a combination of peat and pearl or sand. Make a small hole of 1 cm deep, and put the seeds there. Water it well, and don’t forget to throw the water from the pot plate.

To speed up the germination period, cover the pot with plastic foil. Make some small holes from place to place to let the air flow and to avoid condensation.

After two weeks, the first plants should appear. The vessel should be placed in a bright place. It’s very important not to let the soil dry because the plant’s embryos will die. It’s best to start watering it daily by spraying.
As the plant grows, the watering process should increase. Like all citrus fruits, orange can’t stand the hydric stress, and if it’s not watered permanently, its leaves will fall. However, don’t allow water to stagnate in the pot nor pot plate. That’s why you should use a substrate with good drainage.

From May until September, the orange tree must be kept outside on terraces, balconies or even in the garden. Even if in the early years it won’t bloom or give fruits, the smell will drive you crazy.

When the orange tree stem will touch the thickness of a pencil, it can be grafted. This way, it will bloom and give fruits faster. A plant derived from seeds will be harvested after 8 years, but if you graft it, it will give fruits after two. If you don’t know or don’t have the opportunity to graft the orange tree, use the services of a horticulturist engineer. The operation itself takes a few minutes.

Fertilize the orange tree with fertilizers specially made for citruses and be careful to observe the indicated dosage on the packaging and the period between watering.

Image Credits: Gardeningexpress