Echinopsis is one of the most beautiful cacti you can grow in pots. It has big, solitary and beautifully colored flowers, and as a bonus to that, it’s not very demanding. Another great thing about this easy-to-care plant is that it needs less water and plenty of light. Even if you keep it in direct sunlight, Echinopsis cacti will enjoy every sun ray.

Echinopsis also breeds easily, through saplings, scions and seeds.

The cuttings are taken from the mother plant by cutting them in one single motion, using a very sharp and disinfected knife. Let them dry before planting them. The cuttings will give roots in a month – a month and a half. The optimal period of slaughter is between April and June, but they can also be propagated in the rest of the year. You can also separate the cacti pups that appear near the mother plant and already have roots. You should plant them immediately before the roots dry.

Scion is the second way of multiplying the Echinopsis cactus. The joining must be done as quickly as possible, without leaving any air gaps or impurities between the two surfaces. After slicing or inserting into the rootstock splitting, the scion is fixed with a spring. The optimal scions season is in May, July and August. The scarring of the adherent area between grafts and rootstocks lasts between 10 and 20 days.
Last but not least, the cactus is multiplied by seeds, thus obtaining a large number of plants, unlike propagation by cuttings.

Important! Given the indoor conditions, the seeds are obtained only by artificial pollination.

Sowing is done in pots that are not too high. As a substrate for sowing use a light, well-drained mixture of red peat and sand. After sowing, it dries through infiltration.

Image Credits: Etsy