Potted carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) create the most beautiful and colorful flower-fall due to their long stems. If you plant them in groups, in hangars or just leave them hanging in baskets, they will catch all eyes. Trust me, it will be a pleasure to surround yourself with such flowers due to their nice perfume, especially if you keep them on the balcony. It will be a delight staying outdoors. They bloom from July until October!

Plant care
Potted carnations need plenty of light. The correlation between flower quality and light intensity is a direct one. The substrate where you plant carnation must be permeable, well-supplied with nutritious substances and of a lush-sandy consistency. The substrate must be slightly acidic to neutral. When planting in pots or hanging baskets take care to ensure a good drainage. Cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of pebbles or expanded clay, because carnations tolerate drought quite well and don’t like the moisture very much at the root level.

These plants need high nutrients. Fertilize weekly during growing and blooming. Complex mineral fertilizer solutions with the NPK ratio are used depending on the season, but always with a higher proportion of potassium. Don’t fertilize with high concentrations of nitrogen because you risk having rich leaf plants without blooming flowers.

Carnations are perennial plants. They must, however, be protected during winter because there is a risk of freezing the roots. In late autumn, you can store the pots in cool places, but away from frost.

Image Credits: Edenbrothers