Mini orchids are a miniature replica of the well-known Phalenopsis Orchids. They are also known as Little Lady. They don’t exceed 20 centimeters high.
The flowers are colorful, just like the Phalenopsis hybrids, crowded on rods (10 on a single rod). If they are well groomed, the flowers last for about 3 months.

Plant care
Place the mini-orchid pot in a place with plenty of light, but where the sun doesn’t get into direct contact with the plant. You should also keep it away from air flows.

Being a small orchid, the pot needs to be small with a 5-6 cm diameter. Mini orchids need special, transparent flower pots for the light to get to the roots and organs which plant use for photosynthesis. Also, the pot has to have enough drainage holes.

It’s watered at shorter intervals than big orchids. It’s very sensitive to excess water in the substrate, and the watering is done when the roots become pearly-white. Always check the substrate before watering it and make sure that the substrate is dry. On the other hand, avoid extreme drying. On average, it must be watered about once a week, but this depends greatly on room temperature and humidity. Never leave water in the pot plate because the roots can rot.

It’s best to water mini-orchids by sinking the pot. Then let all the water drain. Check carefully not to be water left in the center of the plant, between the leaves. If it happened, drain it quickly, otherwise the orchid can die.

Little Lady is transplanted once every two years. Change the entire substrate, which may be formed from chopped bark or Sphagnum muscles. Over time the substrate will be set without letting the air to penetrate to the root level – a very important thing for this orchid type.

It’s fertilized once a month with a special orchid fertilizer with a low concentration.
Orchid needs rest after blossoming, and the rest induction is usually done in spring after blossoming.

Image Credits: Twoeggz