Orchids are such elegant flowers, and they are the best gift we can give on holidays. They symbolize affection and respect, but especially the admiration someone has towards you. At least that’s what people say.

Cut orchids wither in a few days if you don’t know a few tricks that will prolong their life. Unlike potted orchids, that can stay bloomed for 5 to 6 months, cut orchids are much more sensitive.

But, this isn’t an impediment because you can easily prolong the life of cut orchids with some tricks I know from specialized florists.

Tips to keep in mind for cut orchids

  • All orchid flowers will remain fresh longer if you leave them on twigs and don’t cut them individually. The twig contains vital substances and nourishes the flowers longer.
  • The cut orchids are placed in high vases for the branches to be well supported. If there are small vases and the branches bend too much, the water won’t get to the top flowers, and they will wilt in 2-3 days.
  • Before you put them in the vase, cut an inch from the twig, oblique, with a sharp and disinfected knife. Hold the twigs for one minute in warm water, and then put them in a vase with water at room temperature.
  • Keep the cut orchids in a cool room, away from heat sources like the radiator. Change the water daily or every two days, and every time you change the water, just cut one centimeter from the base of the twig. Don’t use scissors when you cut the orchid twig, because you will crush the tissue from the base of the twig. A sharp knife is most appropriate.
  • Put a cup of mineral water and squeeze a slice of lemon into the vase, every time you change the water.  Or ask the florist for a special orchid preservative. This way the flowers will stay fresh for several weeks.