If you notice lately a fine white or yellowish powder on the leaves of your plants, this can be infected with fungus. Also, the yellowish or brownish spots visible on apartment plant leaves appear because of a fungus infection.

During the cold season, most spread fungus is mold in soil pots, because the houseplants are deposited in damp and less airy rooms. Different types of fungus can attack the apartment plants, but there are effective solutions for each one found in flower shops.

These solutions, however, have strong chemical components that can kill fragile or demanding plants, such as Parma violets. But there is a plant-friendly solution that will kill any mold or fungus spore.

Oil and detergent

You need:

  • a cup of sunflower seeds oil
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap

Pour these ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well to incorporate the liquids, and then sprinkle the solution over the leaves and strains attacked by fungi.

The detergent kills fungi spores, and the oil leaves a fatty film through which the fungi no longer can appear.

After a few days, using this natural fungicide, clean the stems with a cotton pad soaked in warm water, and leave the plant in sunlight and heat to dry well. After 2 days repeat the treatment or whenever is necessary, until the fungi disappears completely, and new and healthy leaves grows back.

Tips you should know when treating apartment plants

  • If attacked by fungi, isolate diseased plants and keep them in a well-ventilated, warm and dry place. The fungi can’t stand dry atmosphere.
  • Break the leaves and the severely affected shrubs, which can’t be recovered.
  • Put the pots on a well-lit window, because the fungi can’t stand direct sunlight either.