During the cold season, the indoor humidity increases, especially if you have polystyrene-clad walls. Insulation maintains heat, but the indoor air is harder to breathe and very damp if you don’t ventilate the room regularly.

Anyhow, there are plenty of tasks during winter, but there are some plants that will save this high humidity situation, and even better, they are easily to grow in pots.

Indoor moisture can favor the appearance of mold on the walls in less ventilated house areas, not to mention that is pretty bad for your health. Even if you have dehumidifier installed in your house, it’s best if you grow some plants that love humidity and purifies the air in your house.  

Peace lily or Spathiphillum

It’s a plant that is easy to care for and without too much claims. It grows quickly, harmoniously and has elegant butter-colored flowers. However, it needs a damp environment and should be watered frequently, especially if you keep it in a well heated room.

The lily of peace needs moist soil permanently, but be careful not to pour water into the pot’s plate. Its leaves have the capacity to absorb a large amount of moisture from the air and to decompose the toxic substances that purify the air from the room.

Dwarf palm or Chamaedorea

It’s a small palm, easy to grow in pots, which prefers shady and wet spaces. It has very beautiful and elegant leaves, in a bright green shade, which cheers any room.

The dwarf palm needs to be watered often, so that the soil to be always wet. Its leaves absorb large amounts of water from the moist air, which helps them grow rapidly. In the summer, on hot and dry days, it’s recommended to be sprayed with water.


It’s a great water-loving plant and grows beautiful if it’s grown in suspended pots. It’s good to hang it from the ceiling or put the pot in a high place near the window, in the area with the highest moisture. It doesn’t need too much direct sunlight, and during winter it easily gets used with darker areas immediately. It grows quickly, and the stems should be caught from place to place on a support, so they will not break.

Rubber ficus

It’s such a resistant plant and less picky, accommodating easily in any environment. But it likes the warm and wet spaces, so it will absorb the moisture from your home. Ficus must be watered frequently, so that the soil to be always slightly damp. But it needs a lot of light to grow symmetrically and harmoniously. Otherwise, the stem will be long and the leaves will be too rare.

Tillandsia or Pink Feather

It’s a native tropical plant that feeds with water and the nutrients it extracts from the air. In its natural environment it grows on the bark of the trees, but in pots is cultivated on a substrate made of bark and vegetal remains. It needs a lot of light and sun in the morning to develop that pink stem on which delicate and purple flowers appear.