In the last cold winter days, some of the most important tips for flower lovers are related to plant fertilization. All apartment plants need fertilizers at the beginning of spring to grow bigger and to dress in leaves and make healthy flowers. But be careful not to give them too much fertilizers, because it may be poisonous.

The soil in the pot quickly loses the minerals essential for plants growth if you don’t refresh it every year.

In addition, at the beginning of a new hot season, plant fertilization is mandatory. They must be helped with special fertilizers, grow more vigorously and blooming.

If you balance fertilizers it will help the foliage and can be used from the first warm days of March, when plants benefit from more light and enter the accelerated growth process.

N-P-K fertilizers, on the label of which you read 10-20-10 percent, are indicated for flowering plants to stimulate the emergence of new buds.

Plant fertilization: Types of fertilizers

Liquid fertilizer

  • dissolve it in water (follow the instruction) and apply it after you have already watered the plants so that the roots don’t immediately absorb a large amount of minerals;
  • use the liquid fertilizer solution after each watering for at least three weeks.

Granular fertilizer

  • is evenly distributed on the surface of the pot and easily dug to incorporate the granules into the ground;
  • respects the manufacturer’s recommended dose or uses less than one-third.

The barley-type fertilizer

  • stick the sticks into the ground near the pot’s edge, not to touch the roots;
  • the rod-type fertilizer is buried 3 cm deep.

Foliar fertilizer

  • is used for large decorative plants and is applied by spraying;
  • is contra-indicated for plants with fine or puffed leaves.

Useful tricks

It’s good to dilute soluble fertilizers in a larger amount of water than it’s written on the label, if your plants are too young, fragile or have yellowish branches.

If, after using the fertilizer, the plant’s leaves begin to turn yellow, you might have added a bigger concentration. In this case, it’s necessary to wipe the plants twice, every five minutes, and pick up the pot from the plate to drain all the water well. Repeat the operation three or four times in the next 10 days to get rid of excess minerals.