Begonias with large flowers, looking like roses, are spectacular and loved by everyone. But they are also very demanding. There are flowers that grow in hill and mountain areas, where the air is cooler and damper. In lowland areas, in very hot and dry areas, you may have problems growing this delicate plant. And if the begonia doesn’t bloom, keep in mind the following tricks.

Tips to care for begonia:

  • You can grow successfully these flowers only if you provide a wide, airy, and well-lit cool space. Remember that they can stand direct sunlight only in the morning, not being a heat and dry air lover. If you don’t consider offering begonia these conditions, it will wilt and die in a few days.
  • Even if the flowers and leaves have dried, the plant tuber can be saved and you can grow a healthy plant again. Remove the root from the ground, cut the stem two fingers above it, and prepare another pot to plant it.
  • Keep in mind to use the right soil (earth, mixed with peat, moss and sand, which allows the water to drain) and dig it well before putting the tuber in it. -Begonia is planted with the concave side up (3-4 fingers under the ground). Water it moderately, after the earth has dried up, and in about a month you will grow a new plant.
  • When it grows too high, Begonia will give signs if it doesn’t have enough light, and all you have to so is cut it short and move it near a window.