Regardless the season it’s good to grow aromatic plants, especially in the kitchen. Their fragrant leaves, purifies the air in the kitchen, removing that pesky cooking smell.

Many aromatic herbs are still green during the winter, especially those that have small and sharp leaves like rosemary. If they are kept on the window sill, they will have enough light, and if they have good soil and a medium temperature, they will remain fresh all year round.

Rosemary, one of the best aromatic plants

Whether you use it for food or just for teas, the rosemary resists in the kitchen because it likes the warmer and slightly more humid atmosphere. It absorbs the moisture from the air along with those heavy food, releasing a pleasant flavor with a slightly mint aroma.  

Basil, freshener for small spaces

Fresh basil leaves have a delicate fragrance. Put a pot of basil on the kitchen window sill, and be careful to water it whenever the soil dries and take care not to leave it in the cold. You will be able to keep it fresh and green until spring and use its fresh leaves for tea or salad.

Mint, the best winter flavor

It’s said that a cup of hot mint tea will energize you immediately and it will warm you up on a cold winter evening. If you like its flavor, grow it in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house where it has plenty of light and a constant temperature. Mint will remain green over the winter, and its leaves will absorb the unpleasant odors in the kitchen. Just remember not to grow it in a separate pot, not with other aromatic plants, because it will suffocate.

Geranium, the most fragrant aromatic plant

Geranium flowers, called popular scented germs, have leaves with a slightly bitter and menthol aroma, which rejuvenates the body. They are part of the group of aromatic plants, both decorative and medicinal. Even if it doesn’t make flowers during winter, geranium will remain green if you keep it in a warm room like the kitchen. In addition, the leaves of these plants have the property of absorbing irritants, gases and odors in the house. Geranium aromatic plants differ from the other flowing geraniums, because they have small flowers, with only 5 petals, and creamy leaves.

Lavender, the ruling fragrance

The elegant lavender fragrance is extremely appreciated. If you like it, it’s worthwhile growing it in the house, even in the kitchen. It’s part of the group of aromatic plants that can remain green even in winter if it is kept in warm places and has plenty of light. It will only blossom in the spring, but its green leaves are full of perfume and purifies the air from the house.