Orchids are the most loved flowers worldwide, and even if they are a bit expensive, more and more women are buying this pot with exotic flowers. Some people fear to grow orchids because they are very demanding, but if you follow some basic rules, you will have a long-lasting plant.

Mature, blooming and well-developed orchids don’t need special care in their first year. They must remain in the original pot, until the roots grow excessively, and don’t need any other soil substrate.

All they need is a well-lit window and water. But you have to follow some basic watering rules!

How much water the orchids need?

Well, even if they are born in the tropics, the orchids can’t stand too much water. They need some time for the roots and bark substrate in which they are planted to dry out between watering.

It’s recommended to be watered once a week during the cold season and twice a week in summer when the temperature is high.

The best watering method!

Orchids aren’t watered like all the other plants by pouring water around the roots. Their bark substrate won’t retain enough moisture.

The best way is to sink the pot completely into a larger pot filled with water and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the pot, place it on a grill and let the water drain well.

Never use cold water to water orchids! They love warm water that doesn’t affect their roots.

How to water orchids properly? – Sprinkle them with water in those hot summer days!

These plants love warm summer rains, so it’s indicated to sprinkle them with water, on leaves and flowers, in those hot summer days. You can also sprinkle warm water over them in the cold season when the indoor air is very dry.

Use a container with a fine sprayer and sprinkle it from a distance.

Important! The water has to be warm and soft, so that no minerals and salt can deposited on their leaves.

Image Credits: Careforyourorchids