If the cyclamen doesn’t bloom anymore, it’s time to do something to bring this plant to life. Usually, during winter the cyclamen bloom harmoniously, if they have a lot of light and are well groomed.

It happens, very often, that some cyclamen to wither after the first blooming. Cyclamen will lose its leaves, which begin to turn yellow and wither in a few days. And when the plant doesn’t bloom anymore, some drastic changes are necessary.

Cyclamen plant needs a break

  • Once the flowers whiter, the leaves begin to wither, too, so that, starting with February it’s likely that your cyclamen to look worse.
  • Don’t panic, because the plant won’t die, it just needs a break for the bulb to regain its energy.
  • Move the pot in a space with less light, cool air and away from any heat source.
  • Water the plant rarely and with a small amount of water. If the cyclamen stops blooming, let the bulb take a break for 3 or 4 months.
  • Starting with August or September, new leaf buds will appear and the pot has to be moved near the window to receive enough light, but in a cool place. Cyclamen can’t stand dry indoor heat.

What you have to do if the cyclamen doesn’t bloom anymore

  • If the bulb has given new leaves, but there are no flower buds, it’s time to change the surface soil layer and look for peat mixed with sphagnum. You can also change the pot completely, to refresh the entire soil amount.
  • The next step is to water the plant with a special fertilizer for bulb plants, and follow the instructions.  
  • Make sure that the plant is placed in a well-lit area where the plant can receive enough morning sun, but it doesn’t have to be warmer than 68-71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  

In a few days, you will see that flower buds, and once they begin to wither you have to cut them off from the base of the plant to trigger new ones.  

Image Credits: Wafflingblog