The chemicals found in the air are as dangerous as food additives. Maybe even more dangerous because we can’t avoid them!

The indoor air, especially the oxygen from the office, due to agglomeration, air conditioning along with chemicals found in printers is extremely toxic. Also, if you didn’t know already, the furniture emanates a toxic compound called formaldehyde which is also found in carpets, cardboard, paper, various paints, and more. If you take a closer look, you will see that you are surrounded by pollutants which can’t be avoided.

In these closed spaces where we spend almost the entire day, and the best option is to decorate your office with air purifying plants which have the ability to improve the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, fixing dust and other toxic substances. The great thing is that they release oxygen, indispensable to life.

Suitable office plants that absorb chemicals in the air

First of all, you should know that before purchasing any plants, you must evaluate the degree of brightness and heat in the office. You must know that most plants love light, but they may wilt if you leave them in direct sunlight.

Fern – is a well-known indoor plant that doesn’t require special care conditions. It has the blue ribbon in ionizing the air, but you should know that is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and dry air.

Azalea – Effectively removes ammonia from cleaning products. It’s a plant that requires special care, especially to the soil type you use.

Ficus – is a green, florid-free plant that effectively absorbs formaldehyde, the organic toxic compound present in almost all closed rooms. It’s a light-loving plant.

Chlorophytum – is the champion of indoor depollution by absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and toluene. It’s an easy-to-care indoor plant, which loves brightness, but it also adapts to the average light.

Cactus – is ideal to suppress the effects of electromagnetic waves on your computer. It can be placed next to the computer, because it’s very tiny and can’t bother you while working.

Chrysanthemum – it’s a very beautiful decorative plant that has the ability to neutralize the toxic residues emanating from paint solvents. It’s a plant harder to adapt indoors, because it doesn’t like the lack of light and dry heat. Depending on your preferences, there is a wide variety of indoor plants useful for health.

Studies show that nicely decorative offices, especially those decorated with plants, increasing employee performance. It diminishes angriness, headaches, respiratory and allergic diseases, and communication between employees is better.

Image Credits: Dengarden