Cacti flowers are unique and spectacular. The colorful corolla offer a real summer show. But there are some spectacular cacti not only by their colorful corolla but also by their distinguish shape. You can easily grow them in pots, offering a personal décor to your home.

Barrel-shaped cactus

Particularly different by its round shape, but especially by the flower wreath it shows in the summer, the cactus barrel is a pride for any cacti lover. In its natural habitat it can reach 1 meter height, but, grown in pots it will keep its globular shape.  

Flowers can have bright red and orange shades, being grouped as a crown at the top of the cacti. As the years go by, the number of flowers may grow up to 20 at once.

The living stone or the thorn-less cactus

2298825 – lithops argyraderma with pink flower

It’s one of the few cacti varieties without thorns, has a greenish gray color that can easily be camouflaged among the desert stones. It’s a slow-growing cactus, but once matured, it produces pink flowers of exceptional shape and beauty.

It needs very little water and fertilizers, instead it requires a sheltered and warm place where it can get natural light all day. In Mexico, its natural habitat, this plant is protected by law and pretty loved by cacti collectors.

Artichoke cactus

42557615 – obregonia denegrii cactus

Its round and symmetrical shape, like the artichoke, is very appreciated by collectors.

Cactus, whose scientific name is Obregonia, originates from the northern part of Mexico, in mountainous and cool regions, meaning that it can’t stand warmth or direct sunlight.

The white flowers, with their long and delicate petals and yellow stamens make me think of daffodils.

Image Credits: Bloomr