If you want to grow blueberries indoors it’s not so difficult. Yes, this extreme gardening, but you can try growing your own blueberries instead of wondering which one is organic or not!

The only thing you should keep in mind is that blueberries need acidic soil and that it will make fruits in 3 years after planting.

Blueberries are excellent fruits for our health, and planting them in pots will be a major plus for your family’s health.

The blueberry bush usually grows very high, but if you grow it in pots, you should know that there are dwarf blueberry bushes. The dwarf blueberry variety needs an acidic soil with a pH somewhere between 4.0 and 5.5.

You need a big pot for the plant to have enough space to grow.


Dwarf blueberry needs to be watered very well, but make sure you have a good drainage to your pot.  

On warm days you can water the plant daily.


Fertilizes the blueberry bush twice every spring – once at the beginning of the season, and then at the end of the season.

The blueberries need an acidic fertilizer. The one you use for azaleas is perfect!

Another option is to use liquid or granular fertilizer. No matter which one you choose, they are both great.

Useful tips

  • Dwarf blueberry varieties can grow up to 30 cm, sometimes 1 meter tall.
  • The plant needs at least 2-3 years to adapt before it will make fruits.  

Coffee beans or coffee can be used as natural fertilizers because it will help to soil’s acidity.

Occasionally put some coffee beans into the plant soil to help them grow beautiful and healthy.

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb