Did you overwater a plant? You have to save it immediately, otherwise its roots can rot and eventually the plant will die.

Signs that you overwatered a plant and how to save it!

– at the soil surface will appear fungi (some white spots, like a fluff)
– the plant will have a moldy smell
– the leaves turn yellow and soon will fall

How do you save the plant from “drowning”?
When you have overwatered a plant you have to change the pot and the earth.
Make sure the new pot has drain holes. Wash it well and disinfect it to make sure it’s not infested with bacteria that can attack the plant.

Remove the plant carefully from the old pot and shake the ground from the root. If it’s small, wash the root lightly under a cold water jet. Using paper towels, gently wipe the plant’s roots to absorb water and leave the roots to stay in fresh air for 5-10 minutes.

Fill the new pot with dry earth. Add the plant and cover the roots with soil. Don’t water the plant for 3 days.
Don’t expect the plant to revive overnight. Sometimes it takes a few days to bring it back after an excessive watering.

When you notice it comes back, you can add some fertilizer for your plant’s type.