Making a cactus bloom may seem impossible sometimes. However, cactus flowers are considered some of the most spectacular flowers ever given their bright colors. Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help your cacti bloom:

First of all, it’s essential to know the type of cactus you have because not all cacti species are blooming. There are even some cacti species which will open their petals at certain times.

If you buy a cactus, it’s very important to know when is the blooming time so you can fertilize it one or two months ahead with a high potassium fertilizer.

In winter it’s important to move the cactus away from the cold and put it in a place where the sun rays gets in. During this time when the cactus rests, you should reduce its watering to once or twice a month.

In spring and summer, you have to water the cactus and to make sure that the soil is always wet.

During autumn, the cactus won’t need much water because it will have enough from previous months. If you notice that the plant is too dry, put some water, but too much.

Don’t get upset if it doesn’t blooms because it may take a few years until the first flower may appear. You will have to be patient to enjoy this miracle of nature.