Lemon is one of the most popular fruits, being used in foods and in cleaning. If you want to enjoy the flavor and freshness of organic lemons, it’s best to plant them in a pot.
The lemon tree is a plant that can grow very well in pots, not just in the garden, if you follow some useful care tips.

How to care for a potted lemon?
The lemon tree is a relatively easy-to-maintain plant, at least if we consider it to be a fruit tree, which usually has to be planted directly on the ground to produce fruit. On the contrary, lemon is a plant that adapts well to life in a pot as long as it has the appropriate size.

Lemon’s tree pot size
The first thing to keep in mind is the size and shape of the pot. It’s important that the lemon is planted in a large pot, to have a lot of space. It needs a vessel that is at least 30 centimeters in diameter. Also, in order to grow healthy, the pot in which we plant the lemon tree should be deep. This will allow roots to grow equally, one of the basic features of the lemon tree.

Lemon irrigation
In terms of irrigation, lemon is a tree that requires plenty of water, but without flooding the soil, as it could lead to root rot. In this way, it’s advisable to water it once every 2 days in spring and summer, and once a week in winter.
However, if we want to make sure it’s the right time for irrigation, touch the surface of the soil with your fingers. If the substrate is still wet, you can wait another day or two before it dries. It’s also very important to prevent excessive water buildup in the bottom plate of the pot. Wait 15 minutes after watering to remove the excess water.

Cutting the lemon
In terms of cutting, lemon should be cut at the end of fall when it enters hibernation. It’s recommended to cut dry or weak branches, as well as those that grow excessively and which can make it difficult for the plant to maintain adequate proportions.

Another important aspect to consider when caring for a lemon tree is light. This plant needs direct and abundant light. Thus, the pot should be placed in a place where the sun reaches at least 5-6 hours a day.

In terms of manure, you can add it once a year, in spring. It’s recommended to add a special citrus fertilizer.

Finally, it should be noted that the lemon tree is a plant that tolerates relatively well cold temperatures. In fact, the lemon tree can frost around 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit. However, all temperatures that are smaller than these could kill the tree. So if you live in an area where the temperatures are low in winter, it’s best to move the pot in a room with mild temperatures.