In the cold season, many indoor plants enter in hibernation, without being necessary to water them frequently, and without adding fertilizers. However, there are also indoor plants for which the cold season is their blooming period. You can also choose to care for such plants if you like to have flowers with a delicious scent even in the cold season.

1. Christmas poinsettia

Christmas poinsettia is an indoor plant that blooms around winter, if you care for it all year round.

2. Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most famous flowers from the orchid family and can stay blossomed even during the cold season if it benefits from a moist soil and good light.

3. Cyclamen

If you want an indoor plant to bloom for several months in a row, even in the cold season, then you can choose Cyclamen with confidence. It’s a decorative plant easy to care for once you become accustomed to its demanding and embellish your space, if it has well-drained soil and plenty of light.

4. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

With small flowers, grouped in bouquets, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is one of the most beautiful indoor plants that bloom in the cold season. Madagascar-born, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana loves high temperatures and is not demanding in terms of care.

5. Begonia

Begonia can reveal delicate flowers even in the cold season because it is not a demanding plant when it comes to low temperatures. However, if you want to enjoy its flowers for months, you have to take care of it properly.

6. Amaryllis

Last but not least, if you want an indoor plant to bloom in the cold season, choose Amaryllis. It’s the best indoor plant for holiday gifts, precisely because it keeps its superb inflorescences even in the winter and doesn’t need too much care.

Image Credits: Bakker