How would be like to take a nice warm bubble bath and feel as you were in the middle of the nature? It’s very simple! Decorate your bath with plants that can withstand humidity and possibly lower light, because bathrooms are smaller. Here’s what’s appropriate for this space:

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant widespread as the ornamental plant. It doesn’t need much water to survive, so the bathroom humidity may be enough. A good place for the aloe plant is close to the window, but not in direct sunlight.
You can use transparent containers, and you have to know that you can place it on the corner of the bathtub as long as he still has natural light.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and has a very decorative look. The advantage is that you can control the growth by forming barriers around it, but also the form in which it grows.
If you plant the plant near the window, it will grow to the light. Since bamboo is relatively tall, you should find a place on the floor. And if you keep a simple décor in the bathroom, you will have more room for plants, which will be much better for the room.

Orchids are one of the largest families of flower plants, with over 20,000 species. The plant loves the warm and humid environments, so the bathroom is perfect for its development in good conditions. Because it is a perennial plant, you will enjoy it for many years.
Orchids are perfect for modern interiors, because they are very stylish. Choose a white orchid for a bright and airy bathroom.

Sansevieria cacti
This type of cacti makes plenty of flowers and it needs less light and water to survive.
It’s a plant that helps to purify the air and can stay very well on the floor, as well on a top or in a corner of the bathroom, especially when it grows quite high.

Image Credits: Thenordroom