If you are not a fan of cold medicines, then it’s time to grow natural remedies in pots. Plant healing properties are always a helpful aid in fighting flu and cold symptoms, so why not growing your own plants that will cure your faster than ibuprofen?

The plants listed below are safe for consumption, eaten or infused. The flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they provide are of great help in fighting cold, a good reason to grow them at home and to enjoy their 100% natural properties!

Lemon tree
A runny nose and nasal congestion can be treated immediately with the help of lemon’s special substances. Many people manage to successfully grow in their home a beautiful lemon tree. In pots, of course! Extract the lemon seeds, dry them, and plant them in a germinating tray. Be careful to place the pot in direct sunlight.

Hot pepper
There are plenty of testimonials that the chili pepper instantly relieves cold symptoms, due to the capsicum, the antioxidant substance that gives this vegetable a harsh aroma. There are several varieties of hot pepper that you can plant in the garden or in pots with sizes ranging from 20 cm tall to 1.5 meters!

Ginger is a plant with many health benefits, including viral infections. Therefore, you should always have a ginger root around, and why not, grown by your own. The ginger plant grows up to 1 – 1.5 meters high (and 1 meter wide), growing harmoniously in the semi-shady areas of the garden.

Fenugreek or Schinduf (Trigonela foenum graecum) is a herbaceous plant, part of the leguminous family, cultivated mainly in the Mediterranean, Southern Europe and Asia. Fenugreek is used both as a culinary ingredient and as a medicinal herb (general tonic, remedy for impotence, glucose regulation, immune system strengthening, and increased stress resistance).
You can let the seeds of this plant germinate in a jar, just like you do with beans. Fenugreek grows up to 60 cm tall and grows excellent once exposed to the sun.

Image Credits: Imagenesmi