If you want to have the most beautiful and healthy potted plants, without any brown spots on leaves, then you should pay attention at the way you care for them. Just like any object in the house, indoor plants need cleaning.

What you need to clean the indoor plants

– clean water without chlorine or other chemicals
– an atomizer
– clean cloths
– paper towels
– old toothbrush with soft bristles
– temperature controlled shower

How to clean the indoor plants:
First, dust the houseplants with the cloth or toothbrush. Be careful to remove the dust completely from the leaves and stems. If the leaves of the plant are very sensitive, clean them with a cotton tassel.
In the case of cacti or other spiked plants, it’s best to use a water sprayer to clean them. If dirt is persistent, use warm water. But make sure that it doesn’t reach the root.

Plants with resistant leaves can be cleaned with a toothbrush or wet brush every time they are full of dust. You can also use paper towels to clean them. If the napkin is too rough, you can moisten it a little.
To clean plants with thick and hard leaves, you can even use the tap water jet for this chore, or a light solution made of water and soap. So for a more efficient cleaning, put the water in a bowl and sink the leaves of the plant into it, and then wash them gently with your fingers or a brush. Finally rinse them thoroughly.

It’s advisable to clean indoor plants under hot water at least once a year or when they are too dusty. Before doing so, make sure that warm water doesn’t reach the root of the plants. Also take care of the water temperature. It must be warm and not hot, and the water jet must not be very strong, as you risk destroying plant leaves extremely easily. Be careful not to leave the water in the dish.

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow