“Indoor gardening” can be a real challenge for those who want beautiful and healthy plants throughout the year. The question is: are you ready to deal with it? There some tricks revealed by experts, but the following ones are the most important when it comes to indoor houseplants caring.

1. Place the plants carefully
Choose plants that resist to the environmental conditions in your home, terrace or porch. You must know that even an experienced gardener can’t make a plant that loves the light to resist in a cold and shady place. So make sure the plants are adapted to the level of light and temperature in the area where you place them.

2. Avoid direct sun light
The window sill with plenty of sun light is not the best place for all plants. Even for most apartment plants can be a very hot place.

3. Avoid shaded areas
A bedroom corner, for example, is not a suitable space for a plant, because they need light to complete the photosynthesis process.

4. Avoid extreme temperatures
Keep delicate plants away from stoves or fireplaces, as they will lower the humidity level in the air. And under no circumstances place the plants on a radiator.

5. Change the pot
At least once every two years, it’s mandatory to change the pot into a larger one. This way you will provide a bigger place for plant’s root to develop harmoniously.

6. Provide the necessary utensils
Use the right tools for gardening indoors. A long neck sprinkler and a sprayer used to increase moisture are essential for lowering dust levels and dealing with pests. A scissor for plants and a thief are very useful to you.

7. Water the plants correctly
Don’t overwater plants. Place pebbles at the bottom of the pots to ensure a good drainage of the pot and keep the roots airy.

8. Prepare plants for winter
In winter, you have to let the apartment plants to rest, and that’s why it’s good to move them to a cool place. This is because many plants enter a hibernation state during this period and need lower temperatures.

Image Credits: Homedit