Houseplants need constant attention to survive during the winter season. Just offering your plants a shelter “over their heads” during winter isn’t enough. You need to care for them and to take into account the following steps to overcome winter.

1. Don’t overwater them!
The winter watering plan varies from the summer one. You have to water the plants rarely. Before watering apartment plants, you can check if the soil in the pot is dry in depth. Only then can you plant the plant. Drain water from the plate under the pot if you watered them too much. This prevents the roots of the plant from rotting. Certain plants don’t need water at all in winter, such as cactuses.

2. Provide humidity
The air in the house is much drier, and your plants will need extra humidity in the air. Place the pots on plastic or ceramic plates filled with fine gravel. Sprinkle water on the gravel once every two to three days to create a damp atmosphere around your favorite flowers. The method is especially recommended for exotic plants.

3. Don’t re-pot them
Your indoor plants are now in a well-deserved rest. Don’t bother them in trying to move them into larger pots, because you can destroy the entire plant. Schedules plant transplantation at the beginning of spring or autumn.

4. Provide the light it needs
In winter, poor light causes plenty of problems to houseplants. Even if you don’t have many well-lit places, you can rotate the plants after the winter light calendar, so that every plant to enjoy some light. Don’t forget to wipe the leaves of indoor plants to allow them to carry out the photosynthesis process.

5. Beware of air flow
Air currents are the worst enemy of any indoor plant. Ventilate each room once at the time, and keep the plants away from air conditioner heat waves or radiators. Make sure that the plants sitting at the window sill not to have their leaves stuck to the window. These may be affected by overnight cold.

Image Credits: Stbridgetnurseries