Some “hard to kill” plants are perfect for beginners who don’t have much time to care for them and tend to forget when they last watered them.

If you want to enjoy the effect of some hard-to-kill air purifying plants with a minimal effort, try one of the following apartment plants for beginners.

The jade tree

The main advantage of this beautiful decorative plant is that its leaf becomes more appealing as the plant matures. It doesn’t need direct sun light nor daily watering.
It needs your attention about once a week to be slightly wet, and besides its aesthetic advantage, it’s also considered “the good fortune plant”.


With beautiful, heart-shaped leaves, scindapsus is one of the plants that tolerate low light conditions without any problems. It’s preferred by many as a plant for a suspended pot and is known for its ability to purify the air.

Philodendron scandens

One of the truly versatile filodendron varieties, this beginner-recommended houseplant is suitable to any harsh condition. If you notice that is fading, water it a bit, and it will feel better.

Christmas Cacti

Originally from Brazil, this cactus is one of the most decorative species and is grown for its colorful flowers. He prefers a sunny place and weekly watering is enough to keep it in shape.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

This exotic plant doesn’t require fertilizers, lots of light or frequent watering. It’s one of the best choices when looking for apartment plants for beginners, because it won’t wither if it’s neglected temporary. It grows to a maximum of 90 cm and deserves your attention when looking for “hard to kill” plants.

Image Credits: Mclendons