Cactuses are perfect for busy plant lovers, because these plants are not very demanding. They need rare watering, and don’t wilt if you basically forget about them for weeks. So, decorate your house or office with one, or why not all, the cacti below. You will be trilled when they will bloom out of nowhere even if you neglected them.

Mammillaria cacti

Mammillaria is a medium-sized cactus with cylindrical shape. Its flowers are small but brightly colored, ranging from white, yellow to intense red.

Echinopsis Cacti

Another cylindrical cactus is Echinopsis. This cactus can reach up to one meter tall if you properly care for it. Its flowers grow in the form of a funnel, are large, and with a beautiful perfume. Usually, the flowers have white and pink shades.

Echinocereus cacti

Echinocereus is a small cactus, but with large, star-shaped flowers. Their color may vary from pink, red, orange and yellow. Cactus blooms only in summer, during the day.

Image Credits: Cactus-art